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Things You Need to Know About Liquid Wallpaper

Want to have wall paint with special pattern and wallpaper texture? Liquid wallpaper can satisfy your needs. Liquid wallpaper may be new noun for many people. If you are considering have wall renovation, then you should read this article.liquid wallpaper 2

Common Sense for liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper is a kind of wall paint with similar decoration effect of wallpaper. It overcome the defect of wall coating, wall paint and emulsion paint–monotonous color and no pattern and have better performance than wallpaper. With dedicated mould and special raw material and diversified application technology, liquid wallpaper can create fantastic, beautiful, vivid decoration effect for different style.

The pattern type of liquid wallpaper has printing, knurling, noctilucent, chameleon and embossment. The design and colour has monochrome series, bicolor series, multiple color series etc.

The environmental protection performance of liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper is called eco-friendly coating because it does not use 107 glue, polyvingakohol when pasting. Liquid wallpaper is free of heavy metal like lead, mercury and aldehydes material, so it is non-toxic and pollution-free.liquid wallpaper 3

The price of liquid wallpaper

Compared with some wallpaper, the price of liquid wallpaper is moderate. Liquid wallpaper suits to be applied on small area like TV background wall, sofa background wall etc.

The importance of mould for liquid wallpaper

The various patterns on liquid wallpaper are realized by dedicated mould. Every step of applying liquid wallpaper is related to mould. Therefore mould has great influence on the final effect of liquid wallpaper.

Tacks for Choosing Liquid Wallpaper


High quality liquid wallpaper does not have oily and pungent smell. On the contrary, there is a kind of light elegant smell on it.


There would be no particle and impurity in stirred liquid wallpaper. Evenly stirred high quality liquid wallpaper has smooth and fine texture.


The touch feeling of high quality liquid wallpaper is just right, not too dense or too dilute. Customer can pick some in finger and press – smooth, no particle and greasy feel when wash with water.

Mould quality

Liquid wallpaper mould should have metal frame. The sensitive layer pattern made by it is clear. Good elasticity, firm and tight membrane surface, uniformly distributed screen mesh, flat and uniform membrane tension force are included in the standard for good mould. As mould is overarching to the final effect of liquid wallpaper, customer should check the quality of mould from the points mentioned above.

Check the membrane forming effect

The membrane forming time of liquid wallpaper is two to three minutes later. High quality product will not have flowing phenomenon.

Check the compactness of pattern and wall

After the wall applied liquid wallpaper is stable completely, customer can check the compactness of wallpaper pattern and wall by wiping with wet rag. There would be no peeling off phenomenon on high quality liquid wallpaper.

After knowing selection method for wallpaper, you may need to know how to maintain wallpaper .