What is a plumbing contractor and when do you need one?

If you are building a new home, you are no doubt going to become very well acquainted with what contractors are and what they do.  When you are building a home, you will need contractors for virtually everything:  roofing, construction, drywall, floor, electrical and plumbing.  A plumbing contractor is necessary because the amount of plumb work necessary is typically too much for the average DIYer to handle.

A plumbing contractor differs from a regular plumber.  Whereas a standard plumber is typically called in to repair things like a clogged drain, a burst pipe or a problem or another problem with water in the house, a plumbing contractor is less of a “fixer”.  They are called in during a build or renovation to ensure that all of the water lines, pipes, fixtures, tubs, sinks, etc. are installed safely.  A plumbing contractor would handle things like installing a second bathroom during a renovation or, if you are building a new house, they would be the ones to run all of the pipes, install all of the toilets, etc.

It’s best to discuss your particular plumbing needs with the project’s general contractor.  He will liaise with all of the contractors on the build to co-ordinate the entire project.  He’ll subcontract the plumbing tasks to a qualified plumber and convey your needs and wants to him clearly using the kind of industry language they both understand.  It might otherwise be difficult for you to use the terminology that will accurately convey what you need.  The general contractor will ensure that the plumbing contractor has all of the information he needs to successfully complete the build, such as the layout of building and the preferences of the owner.

It’s clear that hiring a reliable contractor is important when you are building a house, but how do you find the right contractor for you?  There are lots of factors that should go into that decision.  Never finalize a contract until you know for sure they are the kind of company you want to work with.  It’s true that there are risks that are involved when hiring a contractor, but it’s important to do your research to make as certain as possible that you are making an informed decision.  Only hire a reputable company that offers the services you need.  Even if your contractor is the one in charge of hiring the plumbing contractors, you have the right to speak to them and get a feel for how they will work.

If you are hiring a plumbing contractor yourself, you can start your search online at a site such as
priorityplumbing.ca The internet is a great place to get an idea of the kinds of services a plumbing contractor can offer you so you can determine if they offer the services you need.  You can then contact the company directly to find out more about their rates, experience, workload (how long they will take to get to your project) and more.  Armed with that information, you can make educated comparisons between contractors so you can make your decision.