Why Select Gemnique Vase Gems For Your Decorative Crafts?

There are many people who are interested in creating decorative items using various materials. One of the most versatile materials used by crafters for their creative needs is the vase gems or the flat glass marbles. These gems from Geminique can be used for creating various attractive decorative items for your home, office, restaurants, etc. You can create different decorative items using your imagination and you can sell these items to earn some money. You can get various ideas for creating craft items using the glass gems by visiting the craft websites.


Gemnique vase gems come in different bright colors that it can accentuate the look of your flower vase, aquariums, fountains as such or it can be converted into other decorative articles such as refrigerator magnets, decorating picture frames, creating candle stands, jewelry creations or mirrors in the wash area or you can create mosaic art on tiles using these vase gems. The vase gems come in different finish such as glass finish which can enhance the look of any craft in which they are used. Colors like electric red, sunshine yellow, petal pink and purple can make the vase arrangements look stunning.

Great Choices

Any crafter can find a great variety of choices for vase gems when they opt for the gems from Geminique.

  • You can find vase gems with different shapes such as leaves, fish, snails, suns, moons, hearts, stars, cubes, shells, rose which have a consistent shape to be used in any crafting project.
  • These gems can last for many years and your craft will look perfect with the use of these gems.
  • You need to select the required shape and the color of the gems to suit your particular crafting project.
  • You can give a professional touch to the decorative creations using the gems with different shape, size and color.

Easy Buying Option

You can get the vase gems of your choice easily from the online dealers of these items. You can buy the items as small pack of 10 in the case of gems with different shapes or you can buy them as one-pound bags which contain 250 to 275 mini gems. You can get glassy, opaque or frosted looking gems with non-iridized finishes for any crafting use. You can select the size of the gems according to the craft you are going to create. You can order the items through online after going through the description provided on the websites.

Quality Gems At Affordable Price

Whether you are buying the vase gems for your crafting or decorative needs or if you are buying as a retailer, you want to get the items for the best possible price. It is better that you buy the products from dealers who will be able to provide the vase gems at wholesale price. You can find the gems at affordable, or discounted rates by visiting wholesalersusainc.com. Create unique and pretty craft items using the variety of vase glass gems on offer from Geminique.